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November 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 giveaway
PCB is giving away a fully-featured Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 to a lucky customer this December 2011. This prize is the latest model that does everything you would wish and expect of a tablet, and runs the latest Android operating system. To enter the competition, each R500 of sales with PCB will earn you one ticket in the draw. It's that easy. And that's all Sales, including Support & Internet Services. Full details of the competition are in the attached e-flyer. Competition runs until the end of this month, so there still is time!

Tablet Wars

Talking of Tablets, we are seeing the market starting to evolve rapidly now. Not only are iPad prices starting to come down, but some very nice Android models coming to the market, including some great 7"offerings from Dell, Acer and HTC amongst others. Android is also evolving rapidly to become a universal Smartphone and Tablets O/S, and so is the number of apps in the market. The nice thing about the Android option is the choice of hardware, and here at PCB we have always promoted free choice and openness. We are even seeing Android being used in media center devices, which makes complete sense and soon you will be able to turn your TV into a giant pad!

Multi Media Meeting Room Installations
Need a multimedia presentation installation for your meeting or board room? We got lots of superb cost-effect options to offer you, to suit your needs and budget. HD projectors, surround sound systems, media PC's, lots of options to choose from. Why not come and see our installation in our offices in Rosebank to get some idea of the possibilities?

Give your laptop a new lease of life with an SSD upgrade
Tired of waiting for your laptop to boot up? There's a new type of 'hard drives' called SSD, which stands for Solid State Drive. And its just that: no moving parts. They are also a lot faster than the traditional electro-mechanical hard disk drives, so if you have a laptop or PC that is a few years old and out of warranty, a SSD upgrade is a great idea. Not only from a preventative maintenance point of view, but to also give it a new lease of life. PCB can offer the full service at competitive prices, but we will need to have your unit checked in to our Workshop for a technical assessment before we can give you a detailed quotation. In the meantime, chat to our Sales team for an idea of pricing.

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Computer Junk getting you down?
Got some old equipment you are not longer using, gathering dust and taking up real estate? Contact the Computer Recycle Centre in Jhb, an NPO that will glady take your old computers and equipment to recycle. 011 646 0131 or email recycle@wepatwork.org.za

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