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April 2013

Dear all,

Firstly, we would like to congratulate Kaya FM for winning several of the 2013 MTN Radio Awards this weekend, including Commercial Station of the Year. Kaya FM is a long standing client of ours, and we recently helped them establish their new Rosebank office and studios with the latest Information, Communication and Security / Access technologies. Well done to their team, and to one of our most valued clients.

Talking comms tech, we are seeing several Forth Generation (4G) technologies maturing on the mobile broadband data front. These essentially mean faster Internet access speeds, but the technology has gone in two directions: LTE and HSPA+. LTE is a completely new link technology, requiring new frequencies and special antennas, whilst HSPA+ is an evolution of existing 3G technology using much the same infrastructure, and offering download speeds of up to 21.6Mbps. Service Provider support for both is growing, information can be found on coverage maps on their respective website.

Hello Huawei!

Amongst the many brands of data communication equipment we supply, Huawei (pronounced who-whey) is worth a special mention. It's a Chinese brand that has an innovative product range and great prices, and that you can expect to see more in the future. Here are some Huawei HSPA+ offerings. By the way, already most of the contract dongles from the 3G titans are rebranded Huawei equipment.

  • Huawei E3151 HSPA+ USB Modem - R665
    For mobile laptop users, or fall over when the ADSL is down, this device is a USB dongle offering no-frills HSPA+ plus a port for a Micro SD card, so it can act as a Flash Drive as well.

  • Huawei E5331 HSPA+ MiFi Personal Access Point - R1135
    If you are on the move and have a few mobile gizmos that need 3G access, why not share that SIM card and make a MiFi? This is a small battery powered router that will share a HSPA+ connection over a local 802.11 Wireless network, your own local hot spot! It has a USB port as well. Opens up lots of possibilities, like keeping the kids happy on a long trip in the car?

  • Huawei B683 HSPA+ Router - R1850
    This is a more conventional router that attaches to an Ethernet Local Area Network that gives a HSPA+ 3G WAN Connection, and also provides local 802.11 hotspot and the usual router functions. It has an External Aerial connection for those areas that have a weak signal, and we can supply a range of external antennas if this is the case.

Tablet Love

Mobile Tablet Computing has been billed as the new paradigm in computing, and that's not a word we like to use lightly. But it makes so much sense: slim instant-on devices with great screens, fantastic functionality, quick response and with burgeoning apps markets, the sensation is for real and here to stay. For us this is exciting, but as a SME reseller and integrator the way the market has gone presents some challenges in that most devices are offered with contracts and deals from the big service providers. Next time you are in the market, perhaps do the arithmetic and look at the real cost of the contract, versus buying the device outright. The market is rapidly evolving, where almost every day we are getting better deals from our suppliers, that we can and will pass on to end users. We also have expertise in terms of integrating personal devices into the office and organisational environment, where there can be a number of considerations, with security perhaps being one of the most important. We also have a special on an entry level 7" Mecer tablet, see below.

3G Data Deals

The 3G Data market is rapidly changing quickly as well, with large prepaid data bundles being put on the market at a very impressive, and constantly improving prices. Confused with all the offerings? Our WiseNet Internet Services team can offer independent expert consultation service. Most users are tied to a contract, you can might consider pre paid next time around. Shop around for the best prepaid deals as and when you need them, and we expect to see more of these in the future. Also as new data communication standards come to the market (such as HSPA+ and LTE mentioned above) you might find you are not on the coverage map, and need to switch service providers. Out of Band charges: lets not even go there! So talk to us about a tablet or laptop / ultrabook / smart device and we will help you with impartial and objective advice on the best prepaid data deals and strategies.

7" Mecer Tablet Special

We have limited stock of a great tablet for home or learner use. It's a Mecer MP711 7" Tablet running Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) with great features including GPS and 802.11 Wireless for only R1350! No 3G, but great for kids, training or those just starting out. We have stock at PCB as well as on the shelf at the MilkyWay Internet Café in Rosebank, together with some other data consumables (as attached) if you need them, they are open 08h30 to 23h00 everyday.

The A-I-O

Inspired by utility and aesthetics, we have seen a range of very handsome All-In-One PC's come to the market recently, please find some idea of what is out there attached. There has been a move to multi-touch screens, but those come at a premium and some very good looking units that will do your front desk or living room proud.

Thanks for reading, and regards from all of us at PCB.




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