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Edition 1.1, 30th October 1998


Welcome to the first edition of PCB Technologies fortnightly electronic newsletter, TechnoBeat.

We will be covering new developments and trends in the IT field, as well as news on new products and services offered by PCB. A lot of the content is drawn from numerous on-line resources as well as contributions by PCB staff.

At the end of every month, we will be making a draw from the TechnoBeat mailing list for a wonderful prize, so please stay subscribed. The first draw will be at the end of November 1998.

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In this edition:

Microsoft in the dock

It's that time of the year again: don't get zapped !

New staff at PCB

New Products

On Special

Microsoft in the Dock

As the second week of the legal action against Microsoft for monopolistic practices in the USA draws to a close, a lot of the industries dirty washing has been hung out to dry. It remains to be seen how the giant Microsoft is going to weather this. Whatever the outcome, it seems Windows and other Microsoft products are here to stay. PCB Director Bruce Gillespie reflects on the road we and Microsoft have traveled over the years since DOS 1.1

For the full story, see


It's that time of the year again

Yes: the Highveld storms are with us again. And that means high voltage lightning. A strike to a phone or power line could sizzle your electronics, resulting in costly repairs, not too mention down time!

However, you can take precautions by simply unplugging power and Telkom connections during a storm. A more permanent solution is to install surge protection on the crucial power points and telephone lines at your office or home. Whilst there is no guarantee that these will not resist a direct hit, they will go a long way in protecting your electronic equipment.

PCB carries a complete line of power and telephone line Surge Protection accessories. We are happy to send a consultant around to give advice on an appropriate solution.


New staff at PCB

Vanessa Davies joins us a Customer Support Liaison manager from the 1st Nov. She will be co-ordinating our busy Customer Service & Support department, which includes scheduling service technicians. She is the first point of call for customer service at PCB.

Craig Sherman has started as a Support Technician. He has an MCSE and a number of years in the support field, and we are proud to have him on board.

Farren Hayden and Michelle Chunilall are leaving PCB and we wish them the best of luck with their new endeavors.

Vacancies: Some employment opportunities exist at PCB. Please see our home page


New Products

Novell NetWare 5 is here: see It's a complete IP based server, as well as supporting the legacy IPX protocol. Building on Novell's strong heritage, NetWare continues to deliver solid networking services and now offers a platform for Java applications and development as well. A 5-user Oracle 8 Database Server is included.

Novell ZEN Works: At last an answer to the maintaining large groups of Windows 3.1/95/98 and NT users. Advanced and sophisticated storing of user and workstation information in the Novell Directory Services make managing those workstations a breeze. It incorporates the latest NetWare Application Launcher, for hassle free application distribution and maintenance.

We have installed this powerful software, which draws on the strength of Novell's Directory Services, at our MilkyWay Internet Café in order to reduce workstation maintenance time and improved security. Please let us know if you would like to come for a demonstration.

Hewlett Packard ( has launched a new series of entry level Laser Printers. They are the LaserJet 1100 which now produces 8 pages per minute. This is listed at R2995 at PCB. The 1100A doubles as a scanner and a copier as well, and lists at R3750.

The HP 2000 Colour Ink is a high performance colour ink jet aimed at workgroups. It produces 7 Color pages per minute at photo-quality, has four print cartridges and it can take a JetDirect interface. It's designed for up to 5000 pages per month and the PCB Retail price is R6195


On Special:

The SoundBlaster Live ! Card is phenomenal. Full details at . Three dimension audio that has the be heard to believe. PCB is offering the best prices in town on this hardware: the full kit goes for R1895 and the value pack for R950.

Laptech Notebooks: a complete range of high end Pentium notebooks from R9995.

Corel WordPerfect Suite OEM with any piece of hardware for only R295 !!

More details on all the items at

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