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  • Edition 3.1 June 2001
    Stationery Clearance Sale, The ever shrinking world of electronics, Toner Cartridges - some other (less expensive) options, WiseNet email news, New Products, PCB Staff News, PCB Contact List, News from the MilkyWay, The Future ain't what it's supposed to be...

  • Edition 2.2 November 2000
    WiseNet Internet services expanded, Staff news, PCB PC's take on a new look, Palmtops & Handhelds: Gadget City or a useful investment?, HP CD Writer on special, Internet in the Sky(Net), New York City 2k

  • Edition 2.1 February 2000
    The MilkyWay's 5th birthday, PCB Staff Update, Passing the gigahertz mark, w2k Coming, Do penguins byte?, Post y2k news

  • Edition 1.6 December 1999
    The MilkyWay Internet Cafe turns 5, Techno Brief - the Corel Linux Operating System, PCB Services - the Intranet, Y2K News

  • Edition 1.5 October 1999
    Intel unleashes a slew of new processors, PCB Staff News, new PPP/POP LAN-based e-mail WiseNet services, Y2K News, Tip of the month - Minimise All

  • Edition 1.4 January 1999
    Open the Window ? Network OS battle grounds: the war goes on, Compaq to offer pre-loaded Linux, Do the right thing, The State of the Desktop, Pentium 333A now the entry level CPU, Building the Information Community in Africa, do NT ? and New Year Special

  • Edition 1.3 December 1998
    And now for something completely different, PCB signs new contract with Internet Solutions, Sun Embraces Linux, The return of the people's computer, Still on Special, Year 2000 Rollover blues, Latest NetWare 4.11 and NT 4 support packs, November Prize Winner

  • Edition 1.2 Novemberr 1998
    Cyberspace & and the African Renaissance, PCB now a member of the ISPA, Compaq to sell direct, Linux on a roll, Comdex engineering, Useful links on the PCB Home Page, Another PCB Special !

  • Edition 1.1 October 1998
    Microsoft in the dock, It's that time of the year again: don't get zapped !, New staff at PCB, New Products, On Special


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